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Phase 1 Complete!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The new High School Bat Speed Development Program that was implemented this fall of 2023 has completed Phase 1. It consisted of a six week clinic, instructed by Luc Farren, that focused on developing solid swing mechanics and body control. Six players participated for this first phase. Exit Velocities were recorded during the first session, and three more times throughout the clinic.

Velocities were compiled from three different methods: Tee, Flips/Toss, and Live BP. The velocities were recorded using the RAPSODO for consistency and accuracy. With this phase focused on cultivating good mechanics, we didn't expect a huge jump in numbers. But overall, the participants saw an increase in their EV 3-5mph!

Phase 2 will begin this week, with participants focusing on strength and bat speed development. Click here for the schedule and registration!

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