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High School Fall League

Updated: May 31

Registration is open for the 25th annual Grand Slam USA High School Fall League. July 1st Deadline.

Grand Slam USA is organizing its 25th annual Fall Baseball League along with our high school fall skills clinics. This league is for 9th through 12th graders who want to get extremely vital repetitions in the fall and experience game situations.

League Format

8 scheduled games on Sundays at noon, with a potential to play 11 games with playoffs.

Each team will play at least 6 games (rainouts), and 8 official games are scheduled (7 regular seasons and one playoff game). 9 inning game or 2-hour and 15-minute time MINIMUM.

156 Registrations will be accepted – all registrations after the limit will be put on a 16 player waiting list 1 qualified Head Coach and 2 IHSAA Certified Umpires for each game Up to 2 practices per week

Every player will be in the batting order every game and open substitution on defense

All games will be played at High School or Senior League

fields throughout the Des Moines Metro Area.

The Annual Grand Slam USA High School Fall League provides many great opportunities for athletes to improve their baseball skills. As well as showcase their talent for scouts at the next level. Each team will have a professionally trained coach. Who has been trained in a proven system designed to help players achieve success. Being able to communicate with players is crucial for understanding the game. With the goal of athletes being able to discover on their own, how to correct mistakes, keep a positive mindset, and develop techniques to improve.

Only 156 registrations will be accepted. Sign Up!

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