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Grand Slam USA

2024 Winter Softball

High School Indoor Softball Hitting League

The Grand Slam USA Indoor Softball Hitting League is a league designed to give pitchers, catchers and hitters an opportunity to develop sound fundamentals and improve their skills. The league is administered by Grand Slam USA and all league games will be played at Grand Slam USA, 4113 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323.


The Indoor Hitting League is comprised of 8 teams. The regular season consists of 8 games played in an 8 week period. The 9th week will be the playoffs.


The league is open to players in the following age groups (Freshman-Senior). Each team will play 1 game on Saturdays. Cost is $1250.00 per team.  Signing up as an individual the cost is $300.00 and we will place you on a team. Registration deadline is December 22th, 2023 at noon.




Provide an off-season opportunity for pitchers and catchers to compete against hitters and for hitters to compete against live pitching. The scoring system is designed for hitters to hit line drives into designated scoring areas. 




  • Each team MAY have a maximum roster of 12 players, but need a minimum of 5. (It is not required to have 12 players on your roster).  Game day rosters are limited with a maximum of 5 hitters per line up. 

  • An inning consists of each team having one turn to bat, all 5 hitters will hit each inning. The visiting team hits first.

  • The game will be composed of a pitcher and catcher versus a hitter from the opposing team. ONLY the pitcher, catcher, hitter and umpire are allowed in the cage during play. 

  • The game lasts 90 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first, and no new inning can start after 1:10 minutes. 

  • Pitching distance is 43 feet per IGHSAU regulations. Pitchers will have 5 warm-up pitches between innings. One minute between innings is allowed for warm ups.

  • Arguing balls and strikes or scoring either by players or coaches will not be tolerated. If Umpire and official score keeper are in agreement of violation, coaches or players may be removed and team points may be deducted as penalty. 




Designated scorekeepers will make judgment rulings based on where each batted ball strikes the turf or net.  Scoring zones will be clearly marked on cage turf and netting. Umpire may call upon official scorekeeper to assist with scoring decisions, their decisions are final. Official Score Keeper will sit in warm up tunnel in Zone 2.


Note:  It is acknowledged that sometimes ground balls and bloopers become base hits; however, such batted balls are inherently difficult to score given indoor play on a turf surface with netting.  Therefore, in the interest of encouraging hitters to hit line drives and to utilize an objective method as possible for scoring, ground balls and bloopers will be counted as outs. 


This is a Line Drive League


Batter Scoring

  • 0 Points - Strikeouts and ground balls and bloopers that strike the turf or the ceiling net before the "hit" lines

  • 1 Point - Ground balls and bloopers beyond the "hit" lines not fielded by pitchers, walks and hit by pitch

  • 1 Point -   Line drives striking the net in Zone 1

  • 2 Points - Line drives striking the net in Zone  2

  • 3 Points - Line drives striking the net in Zone  3

  • 5 Points - Line drives striking the net in Zone  5



  • Indoor shoes are required for all players

  • Hitters are required to wear a batting helmet

  • Catchers are required to provide and wear a full set of catcher’s gear including glove 

  • Pitchers must bat first and catchers must bat second in the batting line up to facilitate moving the game along as quickly as possible

  • Conflicts of schedule are the responsibility of the coach/team representative and they must notify the League director a full week prior to the scheduled game. Failure to notify will result in the forfeit of the scheduled game with no allowed make-up.  In the event of a forfeit, the forfeiting team will be given an automatic loss and the winning team will be awarded a 20-0 win.

  • Teams will have 10 minutes to warm up prior to their scheduled game time. Pitchers must be warmed up and ready to pitch.  

  • No food or drinks are allowed at Grand Slam USA except for water in water bottles.




League begins Sunday, January 7th and runs through March 3rd with the last Sunday being the playoff. As soon as we receive registration for all teams, we will send the schedule out to the coaches and post all information on our website.


Grand Slam USA appreciates your interest in the Indoor Hitting League. Look forward to seeing you at Grand Slam USA in the near future!

For any questions contact:


Mick Delaney or John Bisignano
Phone: 515.278.1070

Twitter: @GrandSlam_DM

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