Private Lesson

All individual lessons are one student to one instructor.  With the individual lessons our coaches make sure kids are not only working on the physical aspect, but the mental aspects as well.  There are 3 questions we make sure all players at Grand Slam U.S.A can answer when they leave each lesson.

1.  What are the concerns they are working on?

2.  What causes those concerns?

3.  How do we change those concerns?


Grand Slam U.S.A offers lessons in three different seasons

Fall/Winter Season: (Sept – Dec)

Sign-ups for this season starts July 15th

Winter/Spring Season: (Jan-April)

Sign-ups for this season starts November 1st

Spring/Summer Season: (May-August)

Sign-ups for this season starts April 1st



Grand Slam U.S.A’s clinics are three players to one coach.  The clinics are one hour for six consecutive weeks.  Grand Slam U.S.A offers clinics in hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and baseball fundamentals.  The format for any clinic is as follows:

Week 1:  Overview of Total Mechanics

Week 2:  Lower Body Mechanics

Week 3:  Upper Body Mechanics

Week 4:  Video Taping

Week 5 & 6:  Individual Adjustments and/or Corrections

At Grand Slam U.S.A, we try to improve a player both physically and mentally.  The help a player improve physically, and instructor should be able to:

– Recognize proper mechanics

– Identify specific concerns

– Teach proper mechanics to overcome those specific concerns

To help a player improve mentally, an instructor should be able to get the play to think through and make adjustments on their own.  By doing this, a player develops better feel and more awareness of their specific motion.  Registration forms are now available at the counter in Grand Slam U.S.A.  Fill free to call (515) 278-1070, and fill out your registration over the phone.


Link to 2017 January-February / March-April Clinics below:










Our camps focus on developing a well rounded player.  Players will be divided into groups according to age and/or ability.  Attention will be given to hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, mental aggressiveness, ball concentration, offensive/defensive drills, sliding, conditioning and more.  Skill development both physically and mentally with be emphasized throughout the camps.

Grand Slam U.S.A will offer camps three different times during the year.  Registration forms available below or at the front counter at Grand Slam.


Summer Clinics                                                Spring Break Camp                                    Christmas Camp

@ Walnut Creek LL                                            Springbreak Camp 2016                        Coming Dec 2016

Ages 7-12

9AM – 12Noon

2017 Grand Slam USA Summer Camp




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2016 Clinics

Grand Slam USA announces January-April Softball and Baseball Clinics! Grand Slam will be offering 6 week clinics that will cover Hitting, Fielding, Pitching and Catching (positional) and Fundamentals for both Softball and Baseball. Please see the Lessons/Clinics/Camps page to print off the registration form.

Grand Slam USA Partners

Grand Slam USA is glad to welcome Iowa Fire Basketball to the facility! Iowa Fire Basketball is a not-for-profit program targeted at building, educating, and training our youth in competitive basketball, while mentoring life skills for each player to enable them to reach their full potential to perform at higher levels, on and off the court.

For more information go to - http://www.iowafireathletics.com/

I will sell your home, at a price acceptable to you, or I will sell it for free. Call Sock Spearman at (515) 209-3155

Scott Fitness Consulting

Our mission for the athletes is to help them maximize their athletic potential, and reduce the risk of injury using the most up to date methods. This program is designed to tailor training to the individual needs of the athlete, while educating them on all components of training. Strength and Conditioning Philosophy- The important thing to understand about any training program is there is no quick fix. Training requires dedication and staying the course. Strength training is a highly developmental concept, and requires diligence and attention to detail. It is first and foremost important to set a strong foundation in order to build upon. For prices and training times call Grand Slam!

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