Softball Clinics

We are now offering Buddy Clinics! These clinics are designed for you and a buddy to learn fundamentals, improve skills and learn the most advance techniques in Softball Hitting in an individualized environment. Below are the registration forms. You can also sign up by calling 278-1070.

Softball hitting Buddy Clinic 2015


We are offering Softball Hitting and Slappers Clinics! They will be grouped by age (7-10) (11-13) (14-18) for the Hitting Clinics. The Hitting Clinics are 6 weeks. The Slappers Clinics are 4 weeks and are for ages (10-18). Our programs are limited to 6 players per group and will incorporate the advantages of training in a “state-of-the-art” facility and learning the most advanced techniques involved in hitting. The Development Program offers players the opportunity to maximize their potential  leading up to their first day of practice. Don’t wait for the season to begin, start working NOW!!! To sign up click on the link below.

Slappers Clinic

Softball Hitting 2015

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2016 Clinics

Grand Slam USA announces January-April Softball and Baseball Clinics! Grand Slam will be offering 6 week clinics that will cover Hitting, Fielding, Pitching and Catching (positional) and Fundamentals for both Softball and Baseball. Please see the Lessons/Clinics/Camps page to print off the registration form.

Grand Slam USA Partners

Grand Slam USA is glad to welcome Iowa Fire Basketball to the facility! Iowa Fire Basketball is a not-for-profit program targeted at building, educating, and training our youth in competitive basketball, while mentoring life skills for each player to enable them to reach their full potential to perform at higher levels, on and off the court.

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Scott Fitness Consulting

Our mission for the athletes is to help them maximize their athletic potential, and reduce the risk of injury using the most up to date methods. This program is designed to tailor training to the individual needs of the athlete, while educating them on all components of training. Strength and Conditioning Philosophy- The important thing to understand about any training program is there is no quick fix. Training requires dedication and staying the course. Strength training is a highly developmental concept, and requires diligence and attention to detail. It is first and foremost important to set a strong foundation in order to build upon. For prices and training times call Grand Slam!

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